Regarding the stay of those attending Enduromania Event in Kastania, relevant information is presented hereunder for your guidance:

  • Free Camping

For those interested to camp outdoors in the area around Kastania, we inform you that there is plenty of space. Also, around the Casa di Calo Chalet (2km from Kastania to Kalambaka), there is enough room for free camping as well as toilets and shower provided outdoors. For reservations at Casa Di Calo, please contact Mr. Kostas Papagiannis at the mobile number +30 6978 228 975, or Mr. D. J. Korkos +30 6946 503219

Also, In village of Kastania and specifically at location Goura near the football ground, few meters from the Manakos hotel, where the park ferme will be set up and the Start and Finish will be, there is enough space for free camping as well.
2) Hotels, Hostels and Camps

When you book in a hotel, please do not forget to mention that you are attending the Enduromania event so that you can take full advantage of the special prices that we have achieved for all our participants in the local area Hotels.

Please find hereunder a list of available hotels in the area providing accommodation and breakfast:


  • ”Manakos Hotel” located in Kastania. Price: 40 € / person with breakfast
  • ”Acheloides Hotel” located atKalliroi village, offer special prices for our event for participants of Enduromania as follows: 35€ for single room, 40€ for double room, 60€for triple room, 80€ for quadruple room with breakfast. This is a 5-star hotel with several facilities, including outdoor and indoor Swimming pools, gym, restaurant, bar, sauna, jacuzzi etc. Also please visit .
  • ”Mantania Hotel” located at Aspropotamos Area near Kalliroi village, offer special prices for our event for participants as follows: 55 € for double room, 65 € for triple room, 75 € for quadruple with breakfast.This is a 5-star hotel with several facilities, including outdoor and indoor Swimming pools, gym, restaurant, bar, sauna, jacuzzietc.Also please visit .
  • There are plenty of economic and decent Hotels in Kalabaka that can be contacted for rooms.

Please find herunder a list of available hostels in the area where economic rooms are available without breakfast.


  • Stefani village Community Hostel: 15 €/person, Tel: +30 24320 87 210,PIC: Mr. Dokos George, Mob: +30 6974 628103, Mr. D. J. Korkos, Mob: +30 6946 503219.
  • Kastania village Community Hostel: 20€/person, Tel: +30 24320 61219, PIC: Mr. Papapoulios Christos, Mob: +30 6973255573 / Mr. D. J. Korkos, Mob: 30 6946 503219
  • Krania village Community Hostel: 20€/person, PIC: Chris Psarris, Mob: +30 6977 641198, Mr. D. J. Korkos, Mob: +30 6946 503219
  • At Kalabaka, the Meteora Central Hostel available with closed parking.
  • Kalomira Village  Hostel Goudovasda :15 €/person, Tel: +30 24320 76120,PIC: Mr. Konstantinos Tataris.


  • At Amarantosvillage (only 2 km from Kastania), Mountain Camp will be available with 9 dormitories of 10-12 people, providing also breakfast at a cost of 12€/person. PIC: Chris Karaggelis Mob: +30 6974 903469.
  • At Amarantos village, the Scout Camp, providing also breakfast at a cost of 10€/person in the available dormitories and alternatively 6€/person with breakfast but in your own tent.

In the above mentioned camps, there are toilets and showers, however for the beds, you will need to have with you the necessary bed sheets, blankets or sleeping bags as they are not provided.

For the people that choose to camp outside, it is reminded that no fires are permitted in the area especially during this period that the weather is particularly dry with high temperature. Also the below information boards will be available in various locations for your guidance.

  • Thank you in advance for your understanding, Enduromania Team –


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