We recommend your attention to all paths and particularly those ones that will be marked with Stop or exclamation (!)signs.

As it is widely known, if you see an exclamation sign it is obvious that there is a danger point in the path just after, which requires your greatest attention and patience in order to avoid risk and pass safely. There may be abrupt lowering drop of the path or path entering a steep left/right cliffside so it is compulsory to reduce speed and examine the best possible way to go through the obstacle safely. Some obstacles in our tracks marked with exclamation signs include steep climbs, path drops, passage of rivers or streams etc.

Most of the Enduromania paths require special attention because they are at remote isolated areas quite far from easy access points in a mountainous area.

The Stopsigns will found in cases that our paths meeting or crossing any kind of roads (usually with relatively low traffic). Pay special attention and check carefully the crossroad sectionw in order to eliminate danger and avoid any accident/collision with vehicles usually using these roads (hunters, shepherds, forestry vehicles etc.).

Pay special attention to the updates that will be carried out from members of the organization on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning before the event starts and evaluate all information that will be given.

Above all it is very important to complete this event taking the ultimate safety precautions in order to avoid injuries and damage of bikes and equipment.

It is good to have a rough idea of the area where this event will be held including the main village connecting roads.

Also, see the map including the connecting roads from Kalabaka to Kastania and Aspropotamos and keep safely with you the phone numbers of organization members that will be given from secretariat.

Usefull Signs