enduromania pro

Picking the Right Track

Those who have already participated in previous Enduromaniaevents,already know that it is a quite challenging 2-day Enduro event.

The routes that a rider should choose depend on his/her physical condition, his/her driving experience,how tired he/she is and finally the type of the bike he/she rides (some riders use motocross bikes). The Enduromania tracks, as we have already mentioned in our site home page, offer a great variety of terrain and have Pro and Hobby track passes choices which should guide riders according to their skill and riding level.

Also XTream Team paths appear that should be passed only by team riders (at least couples). Generally speaking, the more skilled riders could follow the Pro paths while the less competitive ones should choose the Hobby ones.

It is certain that the choice of Pro passes require experience and good driving skills. They are made for experienced enduro riders. If someone has more general off-road driving experience in gravel and dirt roads in general, and is not used to ride at enduro paths, it is recommended to choose the Hobby passesor even the Pro ones with a low difficulty level, for example 6, 7, or 8 or less.

At this point we should emphasize that in a matter of natural beauty, the Hobby passes are equally if not betterthan the Pro ones. The Enduromania ride is a friendly event and not a race, so there is no reason for crushing your bikes and risking possible injuries and also creating stoppages and blockages in the track by sticking and not being able to go over various obstacles that could be found in a pro path.

Also, it is very essential that your bikes are in very good working condition, well maintained and properly adjusted with new tires at the right pressure, especially for those ones that do not use mousses. So think before you enter into a Pro path, how tired you are, how experienced and also how determined you are.

The hobby passes are addressed to all riders, they have relatively low difficulty level and there are no particular points that anyone can get stuck.Those paths can be easilyridden by the relatively inexperienced riders as well as those that have a motocross bike.

The Xtream Team passes are intended only for riders with high experience (in racing competition level). The Team means the riders will have to act as a team helping each other in order to enter and pass these paths. Teams of 2 riders minimum will be permitted to enter to these paths.