The Villages

Please find hereunder some general information for the major villages that are located in the area where Enduromania takes place. As we have mentioned, our event takes place in the area of Kastania municipality located 30km North-East from city of Kalambaka at an altitude of 1000m at the high mountains of Pindos. These mountains have arguably some of the most beautiful scenery places of our country, imposing with beautiful landscapes, with the richest forest fir and with Acheloosriver flowing between them. Due to the mild climate and the great variety of the landscape, the area offers countless opportunities for those who love the natural environment and for those interested in outdoor sports. Pindos Mountains are surrounded by strong Greek Tradition kept alive and pure from generation to generation through the diverse manifestations of the people.

There are still alive the traditional outdoor festivals that take place every year in the memory of the saints, in the local churches of villages.

Δημοτική Ενότητα Καστανιάς



Municipality of Kastania, is located on the slopes of southern Pindos. It occupies an area of 150 Km2 with population of 695 inhabitants. The administrative departments are housed in the village of Milotopos and it includes the following local communities and settlements: Kastania, Milotopos, Amarantos, Elafi, Ampelochori, Kalomira and Matoneri. Kastania village is located 28 km west from Kalabaka.



Τοπική Κοινότητα Καλομοίρας - Δημοτική Ενότητα ΚΑΣΤΑΝΙΑΣ


Village of Kalomoirais located at altitude of 800 meters above sea level, in latitude 39.748 and longitude 21.409. It is one of the most beautiful villages in the municipality of Kastania, spread over a relatively flat area in front of a green hill placed west of Kalabaka. The village was built by the residents of the Old Goudovasda village during 1820-1830. The first name was New Goudovasda, however was changed to Kalomira in the recent years.



Amarantos village is situated in the Central Pindos mountains at an altitude of 950 meters above sea water level, in an area with outstanding natural beauty, protected by the European Union with the program of Natura 2000. Amarantos is a mountain resort 30km west of Kalambaka.


Κρανιά Ασπροποτάμου


Mountain village of Krania is located at the Apropotamos area of South Pindos at an altitude of 1,150 meters above sea level, 58 kmfrom Kalabaka. This village comprises of 3 smaller villagesDoliana, Konakia and Koukoufli and like mostvillages of the area stays almost deserted during the winter months while in the summer the population exceeds 1,500. In the past this was an important center of production and marketing of woolen fabrics which were very famous in the Thessaly continent. The weaving tradition stays alive even today but the main source of income for the area is the local Trout Breeding station which produces 100,000 trout fry per year. In this village works also the Community hostel, with a capacity of 20 beds.



Doliana is located 2.5 km. from Krania at an altitude of 1140m with a population of about 30 residents. The State forest of fir and beech covers an area of 3,000 hectars and the surrounding mountain picks of Triggia (2.204 m.), Moutza (2,100 m.) and Sock (2,000 m.) contributeto the creation of a magnificent alpine landscape.