For our friends abroad, please be advised that works are in progress so that we can soon provide the choice of English language with right words.


First we want to tell you that there will be optional ParkFerme (with responsibility for the organization) for motorcycles on the field of Kastania, from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. This will enable us to avoid the traffic jam in the narrow alleys of Kastania but generally in the area.

The path will be different for the two days, except for some common km will exist at the beginning and at the end each day. The (maximum) total length of the route is about 100 km per day, depending on the path combination will you choose to ride . Riders will find trails and landscapes of unique natural beauty and a large part of the route is high altitute of 1100 and through woods .

The beginning and end of the ride and for the two days will be in the court of Kastanias. After 2 kilometers  the start of the ride will be a little  special test opposite the Chalet Casa Di Kalo, with a choice of easy passes for all riders. It will be able to attend and viewers, since it is located next to the road and is readily accessible.

There will be Extreme trails that we will call “Team” and it will be mandatory passage of at least 2 or more riders together as a team, so that there is mutual between them. One alone will never come out since there are no people in the organization for help, only the cleaner at the end of the day.

Note that after the time you leave the cleaners will not allow booting riders.

Day 1
We estimate that the time the average rider takes to cover the larger circle of the first day will be about 5h: 00min, to about 85 km route, although this will depend on the choice of hobby, pro or Extreme-Team selected by the everyone.

At about 60 km, there will be return point, that bypasses the route and would lead anyone wishing directly to the end of the streets, easily and without tangling. Just follow signs to “End” and returns rested.

This option is for riders who tired or wish to stop the earlier. Also there will be other similar signs that will inform riders on the shortest end during the journey and on the second day.
After refueling the first day at 45 km and after passing the time 15:30, will not allow riders to enter some Pro or Extreme paths, because there can be long delays and excessive delay to end.

map 2016_1day
Day 2
For the second day, there will be 3 different options of the route, depending on what paths Hobby and Pro will choose.
The short route is estimated at 75 km, the middle 88 km long and at about 98 km.
We estimate that the time the average rider takes to cover the first route options Hobby route will be about 4h: 30min
We estimate that the time it takes the average rider to cover the second route choices in Hobby and Pro will be about 5h: 30min
We estimate that the time it takes the average rider to cover the third and most difficult route to Pro options will be around 6h: 50min
In the above times are counted and refueling times, rest, stopping for water etc.

The routes cover time depends on other factors such as humidity or not the soil completely dry with soil dust, the size and height of the grass during the journey, the driving of each level and physical condition, etc. . So these are all approximate, since we are not dealing with race but with fun ride.

map 2016_2day

In case of unexpected rainfall access to trails second day would be impossible to repeat the route of the first day or will be postponed .
Details mentioned and other relevant information in your menu Picking the right track recommend you read carefully.

Finally to emphasize that if there are pauses of some riders, it would be a mutual one another so that problems can be solved in need and without the presence of riders of the organization can not be everywhere at such long journeys.

The Enduromania is friendly fun ride and is unitary and not competitive.

We need this to understand it all to be completed safely and successfully and to enjoy all of you who will attend.